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Q: What is a comprehensive policy?

It is an accidental policy that covers your vehicle from all aspects, i.e., Accidental (external means), Fire, Riot and Strike, Atmospheric Disturbance, Earthquake, Theft/Snatch, and Third Party Liability.

Q: What are the quick points I need to check in my Vehicle Insurance Policy?

All the information must watch with your details in Registration book including CC, make, model, Fuel Type, Seating Capacity etc.

Q: In how many days will I receive my policy documents?

You will receive your documents within 3 working days.

Q: I have selected the wrong start date, can I change it?

Yes this can be done through a letter or email.

Q: What is deductible/excess and is this applicable on my policy?

It is an amount which is borne by you if you make any claim. It is applicable on certain makes and models of vehicles. For details please contact our call centre on 111 764 000.

Q: Can I drive abroad?

Our insurance policy is applicable in the geographical limits of Pakistan, therefore, no cover overseas cover is provided under the policy.

Q: What do I do if I have lost my certificate?

We shall require an application after which a new certificate will be provided free of charge.

Q: Will I have to cancel my policy if I buy a new car?

No, in most cases we can simply change your vehicle details on your policy. Depending on your new vehicle, the premium will be adjusted accordingly. Please call our customer services team on 111 764 000 for a new quote.

Q: I am moving home - will this affect my premium?

No, until you are moving to an area that is not generally covered by us.

Q: What if I change my mind and no longer require the policy?

You can cancel your policy at any time. Cancellation, however, is subject to short period rates that are mentioned in your policy document. Kindly note that once policy is issued the government levies and taxes are not refundable.

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