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Safe Driving Practices << Back to Education

General Safe Driving Guidelines

Below are some general basic instructions to follow to become a safer driver.

These guidelines are easy to impliment into your driving style right away, and they could make a real difference to yours and others safety.

General Guidelines

Do not drive a motor vehicle unless it is mechanical fit. 
Observe the speed limits indicated on warning signs. 
Give appropriate light or manual signal clearly, correctly and well in time before starting, stopping, slowing down a vehicle or before turning or changing lane.
Don’t drive a vehicle without seat belts and functioning lights and indicators. 
Ensure that view through the rear-view mirror is not obstructed. 
Keep the rear screen of the vehicle clear. 
Don’t engage in any action which may distract the driver or impair driver’s concentration. 
Keep slow moving vehicle in extreme left lane.
While following another vehicle, maintain a minimum safe distance equal to one meter for every two km per hour of speed, i.e. thirty meters if the speed is sixty kilometer per hour. 
Don’t attempt to gain a forward position by “jumping the queue” if traffic in front is held-up.
Give way to ambulance, fire engine and police vehicle, funeral procession or other emergency vehicle.
Don’t cross a single or double unbroken continuous line(s) marked on the road under any circumstances except in emergency.
Don’t use indicator for any purpose other than to signal turning, lane changing or emergency. 
Don’t occupy the extreme right lane for overtaking purpose on a three-lane road with two way traffic.

© has compiled this information to be used for educational purposes only

© has compiled this information to be used for educational purposes only