has created this advanced tool to enable you to focus on only the cars you want. Below are some instructions on what each search field is for.

What each search field does

Select City This is an essential field which tells the search engine where you are based and where to start searching from. No other fields are active until this field has been selected.
Select Distance This is the distance from your chosen city you wish adverts to be included in your search results. As default the distance is set to National, but to reduce the number of results you can change this from 400km all the way to "This City Only".
Make (All) If you are looking for a specific Make / Manufacturer of car, use this feel to select the one you want.
Fuel (Any) This field lists the different fuel types available from Petrol to LPG and Diesel to CNG. If you have no preference leave it as Fuel (Any)
No Min, No Max This is the minimum and maximum price you are willing to pay for your vehicle. If you wish to see all cars leave the values as No Min and No Max.
Model (Any) Once you have chosen the Make of car you are looking for, this field is then loaded with all the available models that relate to your chosen make. Either choose which model you are interested in on leave as Model (Any) to view all cars within your chosen make.
Age (Any) You can limit the number of cars returned in your search by setting the age of vehicle to your preferred age. The age values include ALL cars up to the age selected so for example if you chose 7 Years, all cars from New to & years old will be selected.
Kilometers (Any) You can use this field to limit your search to cars that have only traveled a certain amount of distance.
Body Type (Any) If you are only looking for convertible cars (soft tops) for example, use this search field to select only this body type.
Transmission (Any) This limits searches to either Manual transmission, Automatic transmission or if you are not concerned which leave as Transmission (Any)
Engine (Any) If you want to choose only a certain engine size (cc) this field will tell you which engine sizes are available
Colour (Any) This field shows you which colours are available within your search criteria. You can either search a specific colour if you want or leave as Colour (Any) if you want to see all available cars.
Private and Trade If you want to limit search results to either private sellers or car dealerships (trade) you can choose between the 2 using this field or leave as Private and Trade to see all cars.
Doors (Any) This will show you what combination of doors are available for your search criteria from 2 door to 5 door. Choose your preferred or leave as Doors (Any) to see all cars.
Keyword If you want to look for cars that only have for example Ar Conditioning, you can type Air Conditioning in this keyword field and the search engine will search all the description texts to only return cars containing your keyword.