Car sellers expect buyers to negotiate on price, and usually factor this in when they set their price. It can save you thousands of Rupees so it's important you know how to negotiate successfully

Do your homework

You're more likely to get a good deal if you offer reasons to ask for a discount. Before you negotiate:

Make sure you have a clear valuation of the car you are buying
Test drive the car and make a note of all/any faults you find
Check the vehicle documents

If any of this isn't what you would expect, it's good grounds to open negotiations.


It is normal practice for buyers to make a reduced offer on the car they would like to buy, so don't be afraid of trying to negotialte on the price.

Make sure you know what the car is worth, and stick to what you're willing to pay
Start with a lower bid and then let the seller try to bring the price up
Show the seller you are commitment to the deal, stay calm and don't be confrontational
If the seller won't sell the car for what you are willing to pay, don't worry there are plenty of other cars available.

Negotiating with new car sellers

Negotiating with the dealer to get the best price on a new car can save you thousands, or even secure you an upgrade in equipment, so it’s worth trying.

Make sure you know what your car is worth in part exchange and negotiate the price up
If you are taking out finance through the dealer they may be more liable to drop the price as they can offset it against commissions from the finance provider.
Check to see if a new model is about to be launched, if so dealers are more receptive to negotiation to get rid of old stock
Most importantly, stay calm through negotiations. Emotions can get in they way and stop you from getting the best deal possible.

DISCLAIMER: This information is for advice and guidance purposes only. does not guarentee results.