The all-important first phone call to a seller can reveal lots about the car for sale, but only if you ask the right questions.

Don't be afraid of asking plenty of questions – a few minutes on the phone is better than a morning viewing a car that's not right for you
Questions to ask

How many owners has the car had and how long have they owned it?
How many kilometers has it covered?
How would they describe the condition? Ask them to describe any damage or mechanical problems
Has it been involved in any accidents or been reported stolen?
Does it have any outstanding finance owed against it?
Has it recently had any maintenance carried out on it, or is there any maintenance required in the near future, worn tyres etc?

Arranging a Viewing

Always view the car in daylight and when its dry as darkness and raindrops can hide any damage or scratches
Inform the seller if you want to arrange a professional inspection after seeing the car yourself
Don't be pressured into paying a deposit before seeing the car
Tell the seller you want to take a test drive, and make sure you arrange suitable insurance cover if required

DISCLAIMER: This information is for advice and guidance purposes only. does not guarentee results.