Buying a New Car

Buying a new car can be great as you can purchase the exact car you want with just the right specification to suit your needs, however it can be expensive. Below are a few pros and cons.


Can choose the exact car specification
You are the first owner
A manufacturer warranty will be included
New car discounts and finance deals are sometimes offered
Cut-price servicing deals are available

Can be expensive
A car can lose a large percentage of its value within the first year
There can be a waiting list meaning you have to wait a number of weeks or even months for your car
Where to Buy New

Main dealer

The most familiar place to buy a new car is from a manufactureres main dealership. They’re affiliated with the manufacturer who has built the car, so you can expect a good level of service with the added reassurance of a familiar place to return if anything should go wrong.

Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car can be great as well, you might not be able to purchase the exact car you want with just the right specification to suit your needs, but you WILL save thousands on the asking price. Below are a few pros and cons.


Value for money as nearly new cars have already lost the value that usually occurs within the first 12 months
A wide choice of cars, many of which are no longer available to buy as a new car
Many of the cars can be available to drive away, if not immediately then within a short timeframe
No "running in" period with the car

Getting a warranty with your purchase is not always possible
The availablity of the exact model you would like to purshase might not be possible
There is a chance that the car has a hidden past
Where to Buy Used

Main dealer

It’s not only new cars main dealers sell, most main dealers carry a decent stock of used cars too which are normally affiliated with the manufacturer they represent. This means the sales staff there will have a good knowlede about the cars and enable you to get the right car fro you. Also, you can expect a good level of customer service, finance deals and warranties, but this service does come at a premium.

Used car dealers

Specialising in used cars, independent used car dealers are available in most cities throught the country. They usually have a smaller number of cars for sale, but from a larger variety of manufacturers. Also, you will usually pay less for a car than you would at a main dealer.

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