Most manufacturers offer low-mileage used approved cars at their dealerships, sometimes displayed alongside their brand new cars.

A used approved car has met a strict set of quality criteria, been checked by mechanics and put back on sale.It's a system developed to allow buyers to pick up a nearly new car with the peace of mind provided by a thorough mechanical check up and a warranty - but at a lower price.

Most used approved schemes sell cars with a 12 month warranty - giving new owners peace of mind.

What is approved used?

Dealers most commonly accept only low-mileage cars which are in good condition and have a full service history into their used approved schemes.

The cars are given a thorough mechanical check and any faults are repaired.

Each model has its service history checked, so there is no hidden past to worry about.

The benefits

Buy a used approved car and you will save money compared with buying a brand new model - and you will receive most of the same benefits as buying new.

You can be sure the car will have no mechanical defects and a full service history.

And, you will get a free warranty which covers the car after you leave the dealer.

There are also the payment options you expect from a dealership, with finance packages available to suit your needs.

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