Photos sell cars, so it's important to get some good shots of your car looking its best. We show you how. The first step is to clean your car thoroughly: find out how with our guide to preparing your car for sale.

Make sure you keep the camera steady, checking the camera's focus is sharp and not blurred – most cameras have an automatic setting for this.

Things to Avoid

Parking with an unsightly background
Taking photographs in dull, overcast weather or at night
Taking pictures from above or too low down
Artificial light and direct sunlight
Cutting part of the car off, unless you're photographing details
Where to take the photos

Park your car somewhere bright and spacious if possible – a clean driveway is ideal
Leave plenty of room for you to walk around the vehicle and take pictures from different angles
Remove any distractions such as luggage and rubbish
Make sure the car is well lit but not too bright
What to photograph

All four corners
Straight from the front and the rear
Side profiles
Interior including dashboard and front and rear seats
Inside the boot and engine bay
If there is damage to your car make sure you take capture it
If your car is a convertible, take a shot of the car with both the roof up and then the roof down
Remember to take more than one picture of each area to give you choice later on. Try to keep the whole car in the image.
DISCLAIMER: This information is for advice and guidance purposes only. does not guarentee results.