Preparing your car properly can make a used car look new, adding thousands to its value.

Car maintenance checks

Most car buyers will check under the bonnet when viewing a car. Remember to:

Check the oil level and top it up if needed – information on this will be included in the car's handbook
Fill all water and coolant vessels – again, check the handbook
Check tyre pressures and replace any worn or damaged tyres
Repair damage to trim if possible

Washing your car

Spending a few hours cleaning your car could add thousands to the car's value by giving it a cared-for look. You could hire a professional valeting service, but washing your car yourself will be much cheaper.

Give the bodywork a wash and remove watermarks with a leather cloth. Alloy wheel cleaner helps remove stubborn dirt from wheels and it's a good idea to replace damaged wheel trims.

Clean the interior

A clean interior is as important as sparkling bodywork. Make sure you:

Vacuum the carpets, mats and seats and empty the ashtray
Remove rubbish from the boot and glovebox
Wipe the dashboard and trim panels with a damp cloth
Clean glass with a window cleaner and damp cloth

The paperwork

Buyers will want to see the car's history, so gather it all together and put it in a folder, removing any credit card receipts. Don't forget to include:

The cars registration document
Service history – receipts and service book
Warranty documents
The car's handbook
DISCLAIMER: This information is for advice and guidance purposes only. does not guarentee results.