STEP 1 - Setting your budget

Before you start to search for that perfect car, think about how much you realistically have to spend.

If you currently have a car you are wishing to sell, ensure you know the value of your car and then decide to sell it privately or part-exchange it with a dealer
If you need to take out finance for the new car, make sure you check different finance companies to get the best rates.
Remember, the total cost of your car is not just the asking price, you should also to factor in the price of fuel, maintenance and transfers.

STEP 2 - Choosing the right car

With the vast array of cars available now, choosing the right car for you can be a tricky process.

Make sure you really think about what you need from the car, for example think about:

What purpose will the car will be used for
How many passengers will be carried on a regular basis
How much will the car cost to fuel, insure, service and repair

STEP 3 - Test driving a new car

The chances of youbeing able to test drive the actual car you will be buying is very slim, but you should be able to test a similar model.

Arrange with the dealer so you can test drive a model which closely matches the model you wish to purchase.
Don't just settle for a quick 5 minute trip around the block, see if you can have an extended test.
If you usually carry passengers or have the car loaded, try to replicate these conditions to check how the car functions in your real life conditions.

STEP 4 - Negotiate with the dealer

Negotiating with the dealer to get the best price on a new car can save you thousands, or even secure you an upgrade in equipment, so it’s worth trying.

Make sure you know what your car is worth in part exchange and negotiate the price up
If you are taking out finance through the dealer they may be more liable to drop the price as they can offset it against commissions from the finance provider.
Check to see if a new model is about to be launched, if so dealers are more receptive to negotiation to get rid of old stock
Most importantly, stay calm through negotiations. Emotions can get in they way and stop you from getting the best deal possible.

DISCLAIMER: This information is for advice and guidance purposes only. does not guarentee results.