Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have many benefits. They provide security and can be a great help in an emergency. But tests have shown a driver cannot help being distracted by a mobile phone call or text message. If you are distracted, you will not register hazards or react quickly.

Here are some facts about using your mobile while driving:

It is dangerous because a telephone conversation (or texting) distracts from the mental concentration needed to drive safely. You put yourself and other road users in danger.
Research has shown that driver's reaction times are up to 50% slower than normal when driving and using a mobile phone.
Other research suggests that if you are using a mobile phone while driving you are four times more likely to have a crash.
It is now illegal to use a hand-held mobile phone in Islamabad.
If you urgently need to answer or make a call, pull over when safe to do so and park your vehicle before attempting to use your phone.

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