Top 10 Distractions and hazards when driving

Texting on your mobile phone.
Talking on your mobile phone.
Changing radio/CD player
Staring at an accident
Eating or drinking
Children in the car
Chatting to a passenger
Road rage
Having an argument
Lighting a cigarette

Smoking and Driving

While its not an offence to smoke while driving, it can be very hazardous all the same.
Reaching for your cigerettes and lighting one reduces your concentration on the task of driving and just a few seconds of distraction could be all it takes to have a serious accident.
Smoking in a confined space creates a hazardous environment to both yourself and your passengers. Do not smoke in your car if accompanied by children.

Correct Use of Car Headlights

Do not continuously drive at night with your headlights set to "Full Beam"
The high intensity light from Full beam headlights is very distracting to oncoming vehicles and effects their ability to drive safely.
If visibility is poor and you require the Full Beam headlights, ensure you turn the high beam off when an oncoming car approaches.
If you are driving with your full beam headlights on and somebody overtakes you, keep your headlights on full beam until they are level with you. The extra light will help them overtake you safely. Once they pull past you turn you headlights to dip.

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